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Why Super Sonic Sport Performance?

Many believe speed and agility are just natural skills, where some children just have “more talent” in these areas than others.

This belief almost always is proven false.


Speed and agility are skills that every athlete can improve. From the recreational player to the top-level travel team player to the pros.

There are very specific exercises that improve speed and agility. When your child learns these exercises, they will start to see significant advances in both their speed and agility. Also improved noticeably will be balance, coordination and stability. 

Whether your child wants to change directions more swiftly or get to the ball faster, the speed and agility drills in SSS sports performance training will help your child move with greater speed and ease. They will also be more explosive. 

It takes a committed, knowledgeable, experienced, trained expert to analyze your child’s current state, apply the appropriate exercises correctly, make proper adjustments to suit the athlete and plan/monitor/execute the long-term development plan.  

Sports Performance speed & agility with a specialty tailored to soccer is unique. We incorporate the ball in many drills and exercises to help athletes attain maximum speed, frequency and agility without and with the ball.

Generic sports performance organizations have programs that are one size fits all to cover multiple sports disciplines. Having knowledgeable expertise in what exercises and how they are applied to the field of play for soccer specifically sets Super Sonic Sports Performance apart.


Why do I need this specialty training?

Sports performance training is absolutely essential if your athlete is serious about getting better in their sport and being an Elite performer.

Many soccer drills combine aspects of speed and agility together, which is fine if you’re trying to work on your skills, but it’s tough to really become faster and more agile with so many factors at play. Breakdown your speed and agility training into bite-sized pieces if you want to get better. ISOLATE & ELEVATE!

While many coaches can coordinate a team and create standard practice plans, most of them are not experts when it comes to helping your athlete stay injury-free and reach their ultimate human performance potential based on specific sports performance disciplines.


In fact, most coaches can NOT help with things like:

  • Determining an athlete’s injury risk

  • Ensuring that exercises are done CORRECTLY

  • Designing a training program that is both SAFE and SUCCESSFUL 

  • Educating your athlete on how to best prepare for a strong performance 


Super Sonic youth sports performance trainers specialize in the above things that a regular coach can’t do.

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